Cable trays

Cable trays are a necessity for any electrical installation work. They are essential for the safety of the power supply, the aesthetics and the accessibility of the wiring for quick maintenance.

Any electrical work can not do without cable trays. They are essential for protecting the wiring and cable routes from mechanical damage. Electrical products are a system that provides safety and convenience in the maintenance of various power lines. The main area of application is the creation and installation of cable routes at industrial sites, in administrative and municipal buildings. Trays are also used in residential areas, enclosing low-voltage wires (up to 1000 volts).


Trays are simply necessary for power lines running over long distances and with high loads. Cable system reduces the risk of corrosion and helps to avoid damage when installing cables.

Features of the cable trays:

  • Protects wiring from exposure
  • Allows the quick replacement and repairs
  • Provides proper ventilation
  • Hides bundles of electrical wires from view
  • Provides durable and reliable protection due to the high load-bearing capacity
  • Quick installation
  • The use of cable tray system increases the operational capacity of power supply lines and minimizes the number of maintenance personnel.

The cable tray package includes a metal frame or section (hollow inside), the base for fixing the wires, screws and connectors. For complex technical solutions there are available additional fittings, junctions, T-shaped or "+" shaped fasteners. The construction gives the track its rigidity, sturdiness and versatility.

The trays are divided into several types:

  • Perforated — Cable tray box with small holes along its entire length, which guarantees stable temperatures and effective cooling. Optimal for voltages up to 1000 volts.
  • Solid non-perforated — Sealed construction provides 100% protection of cable networks from harmful external influences.
  • Rolled — Made of profiled sheet metal, making them lightweight, technologically advanced and affordable.
  • Ladder tray — Stamped sides connected by crosspieces. Suitable for power supply of any capacity, provides quick and easy access to cables.
  • Wired cable trays — Used for lightweight cable shafts. Made up of thick steel wire. Provides maximum ventilation and instant access to the cables.

The price of the cable trays depends not only on the material (concrete, plastic, reinforced concrete, metal), operating conditions, methods of attachment, but also on the type of anti-corrosion treatment.

  • Sendzimir process – Light protection, suitable for residential areas and small buildings
  • Enamel coating
  • Hot-dip galvanization — Highest degree of protection suitable for open spaces


Power supply is a complex system of devices and components that ensure the "life" of any facility. The team at PitON is committed to providing only the best power supply solutions and offers extensive range of bus ducts, cable trays and other components.

As manufacturers of cable trays we offer:

  • Extensive range of cable carrier systems (HP, LP, SPL series) and frequent updates of the assortment
  • 4 types of coating
  • Quick and easy installation, without wall drilling
  • Consultation services at all stages of our partnership
  • Ideal price/quality ratio

PitON cabling systems and bus ducts stand for reliability, durability and quality. Own production facilities utilizing advanced Russian and European equipment ensure prompt manufacture of all the required products. The safety of power distribution is the ultimate goal of our company. We are always ready to find an individual approach to every customer and to give detailed advice and technical support at all stages of cooperation.

"Energo-RS" offers UPS for industrial equipment and other Delta products for enterprises of any scale.

Кабельные лестничные лотки серии HP

Кабельные лестничные лотки серии HP

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Кабельные лотки серии LP

Кабельные лотки серии LP

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Усиленные лестничные лотки серии SPL

Усиленные лестничные лотки серии SPL

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